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We devote all resources to help the mentally ill roadside destitute that are invariably ignored, Shunned, Unfed, Unclothed, Uncared by people, and are separated from their families. More than 10,000 of these patients are to be found aimlessly wandering in the metropolis of Kanyakumari District alone

  • Our agency has been present for over 20 years
  • Help the Poor For their Better Future
  • Helps People Life and Their for Mation


An indigenously adapted approach well suited for rehabilitation for roadside destitute’s, Which combines a compassionate approach to socialization, occupational engagement, & professional medical intervention. This approach is located in idyllic surroundings and an open field environment and provides rehabilitation through occupational participation in a range of agriculture, vegetable cultivation, dairy farming and other activities so that the institution produces what it consumes, treats the mentally ill with dignity, simultaneously preserving or building daily living skills.

Reuniting these patients to their families who have long thought of them as lost or even dead and entrusting their care with the ones who love these patients.Educating the family, neighboring locals & elders, with organized gatherings involving hands-on question-answer sessions about mental illness and treatment

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Many Road side destitute are mentally ill

63 %
Mentally ill
24 %
13 %
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Manolaya Manikandan

Manolaya, started by Mr. G Manikandan (Managing Director), social worker in mental health – has focused on a single segment client definition, roadside destitutes who are mentally ill and need treatment, rehabilitation, and reunion with their loved ones.There is no known institution in India that services these marginalized members of our society.

Typically these patients suffer from Schizophrenia, characterized by a profound disruption in thinking and perception, affecting the patient’s loss of sense of self, language and thought, and the impaired functioning causing loss of acquired abilities, leading to loss of livelihood and relationships.