Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mentally ill

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We devote all resources to the client segment of the mentally ill roadside destitute that are invariably ignored and shunned by people, and are unfed, unclothed, uncared, and separated

from their families. More than 1000 of these patients are to be found aimlessly wandering in the metropolis of Kanyakumari District alone.

These are the unfortunate men & women whom you often see wandering on the roads,

lost in their own world, laughing and talking to themselves, with dirty long matted hair, half naked and skin & bones appearance. They may be just barely surviving on garbage, gutter water and whatever leftovers of food are thrown at them by passerbys. They are in much worse shape than the poorest of the poor because they have no one, we repeat, absolutely no one to look after them. They are on the roads for weeks/months/years without food, clothing or shelter. No one may give them a second glance and often no one cares whether they live or die. They are stripped of all human dignity, but we believe that they are humans nevertheless.

Annapoorna Yatra Feeding The Roadside Desitutes

Rehabilitation of Mentally -ill Roadside Destitutes

An indigenously adapted approach of custodial care inspired by Mr.Manikandan suited for rehabilitation which combines a compassionate approach to socialization, occupational engagement, & professional medical intervention. This approach is located in idyllic surroundings and an open field environment and provides rehabilitation through occupational participation in a range of agriculture, vegetable cultivation, dairy farming and other activities so that the institution produces what it consumes, treats the mentally ill with dignity, simultaneously preserving or building daily living skills.

Reuniting these patients to their families who have long thought of them as lost or even dead and entrusting their care with the ones who love these patients.Educating the family, neighboring locals & elders, with organized gatherings involving hands-on question-answer sessions about mental illness; causation, symptomatology, treatment amelioration; dispelling myths and misconceptions about Schizophrenia.

Our Thoughts  and Commitment

The overall objective of Manolaya is to provide services that are individualized and rehabilitative in nature to mentally ill destitute people living on the streets to enable them to regain control of their lives.

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Manolaya and Annapoorna Yathra are run exclusively through public contributions. They do not receive funds from any funding agency, either governmental or international. We appeal to you to join us in helping.

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