Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mentally ill

Manolaya Envisioned as a place where the mentally ill would receive proper treatment and love, this rehabilitation centre was constructed on 8 acres of land at Atchankulam, at the foothills of Marunthuvalmalai. Manolaya is registered under the Commissionerate for the Welfare of the Differently Abled with registration number: 11/2014. The building which is about 8,000 square feet was constructed entirely out of donations made by friends and well wishers and was declared open on 14.10.2014 by Hon’ble Shri. Pon Radhakrishnan, Minister of State (Heavy Industries), Government of India. At present, 36 mentally ill men are housed at Manolaya. They are provided high quality vegetarian food, treatment involving highly qualified psychiatrists, training in yoga and most importantly, loving care.

The overall objective of Manolaya is to provide services that are individualized and rehabilitative in nature to mentally ill destitute people living on the streets to enable them to regain control of their lives and stay in control in spite of their mental health problem. It is a testimony to the dedication Manolaya that within a period of two years 27 inmates have improved sufficiently to rejoin their families with regular follow up care from Manolaya.  


Started in order to provide the basic need of good food to the mentally ill people living on the roadsides of Kanyakumari district, the programme now has evolved into a mobile service, providing nutritious lunch to 100 people daily and treatment for minor ailments such as colds, fever, wounds  and  skin diseases. On a weekly basis, they receive a shave, haircuts and nail trims

  Manolaya and Annapoorna Yathra are run exclusively through public contributions. They do not receive funds from any funding agency, either governmental or international. We appeal to you to join us in helping our unfortunate fellow citizens overcome their illness and lead happy lives. You are welcome to visit Manolaya at any time and meet and interact with the inmates and staff.

Pressing Needs:

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Running Costs of the Programmes:

You can also donate the expenses for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner at Manolaya on a day that is special to you and join us for the meal with your family and friends.