Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mentally ill

Mr.Ashok , Odisha

The  Person seen in the picture knows Hindi,English,Oriya.Now he is recovered and returned  to Odisha as new human being.

Mr.Murugan,Tamil Nadu

We brought  him to our center and after complete recovery.He went to his home town to start a business .He is a completely new person

Mr.Nagaraj, Tamil Nadu

We brought him to our center with wearing 18 shirt and 13 pants .Now recovered and lives with  his father Mr.Paramessivam  and younger sister Lata.

Mr.Ramasamy , Tamil Nadu

We brought him to the center ,completely recovered and reunited with his parents.

Mr .Kammitan, Tamil Nadu

We  brought him to our center , was roaming near Derik Junction .He recovered fully and was reunited with his family , leading a  normal life.

Mr.Chethampillai & Mr.Sivaram, Kerala

We found both of them living amoung dead body .A good sportsman ,graduate .Now both  of them are completely recovered and happily living in Kozicode.

Mr .Pream,Mumbai

We  brought him from Kanyakumari Beach.He was completely cured, we traced his family in Mumbai.He is having a mobile shop in Mumbai, leading a normal life.